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What is Konzeps

The word “konzeps” is our unique take on the word “concepts”, which can be visions, ideas, notions, conceptions, constructs, or┬ádirectly conceived or intuited objects of thought.

Konzeps is a progressive team of developers, designers, marketers, etc. that are intent on realizing our combined vision (or our concepts) of providing cutting-edge products and services, but with the good old-fashioned quality and service that is so lacking in today’s rushed modern world.

Previously operating under the brand Rogue Concepts, we focus on providing innovative products and services without sacrificing top-notch personal service and the highest quality, purely in the pursuit of profit.

The quality of our products, the level of our service, and the satisfaction of our clients are our top priority.


What We Do

Konzeps provides quality products and services through divisions focused on particular concepts – such as design, development, hosting, trading, investing, and so on.

We also focus on concepts of benefit to all, such as income opportunities, and opportunities for small individual traders and investors.

We design and develop websites and web apps for individuals, small businesses, companies, or corporations.

We also provide reliable but affordable hosting for websites, web apps, and email services – together with domain registration and transfer services as required.

The world-class MetaStock and OmniTrader charting applications are excellent tools for traders investing in the financial markets.